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The Key to a Great Marriage

Marriage – This can be such a loaded word. For some of you the word marriage brings about feelings of heartache, regret, anger or maybe even guilt. The word marriage for other people might just be ok. You really don’t have any strong opinions either way. Maybe you’re thinking yep, I’m married, it just is what it is. If we are honest with ourselves we can admit that marriage is hard work. No one stumbles into a great marriage. A good marriage takes sacrifice, time, dedication, and a choice to fight for it. As with anything in life you have to work for it to succeed.

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How to save money during the holidays

It's that time of year when we tend to increase our expenses on buying gifts, throwing holiday parties, buying festive outfits, or all of the above! Before we jump into the holiday excitement let's plan how we will enjoy the season without going into debt after!

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A Case for Community: Five Reasons to Step In and Circle Up

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How can we overcome fear and follow Jesus with boldness and confidence?

Are you afraid to follow Jesus? Does fear keep you from moving forward? Could you be holding back because of the fear of what it will cost you?

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What Does It Really Mean To Deny Yourself?

We live in a self-world. Full of self-love, self-worth, self-promotion, and of course selfies. So when we hear we must deny ourselves, that sounds ridiculous and impossible. However, what if that is not what Jesus thought when He gave the command to follow Him? What if your purpose was connected to a commitment to deny yourself?

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What is the Trinity and who do we actually pray to?

Have you ever tried buttoning a shirt only to realize once you’re done that the buttons are out of order? Maybe you even walked out of your house with all of these buttons out of alignment. It makes me feel a little uneasy thinking about it because of how ridiculous it looks in my mirror. I can’t imagine letting another person see me in that state. But most of the time, it is my wife calling out the misalignment. So, one trick I have learned to make sure my buttons are already lined up is to start with the top button. If you line up the top button correctly first, everything else tends to just fall into place.

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A practical guide to staying rooted in God’s Word when life gets in the way

Life is busy. One minute everything feels great, and you’ve got your entire life in order, the next minute you have one extra meeting added into your schedule and your entire day has to be shifted around. When your schedule feels full it can be so easy for certain areas of your life to slip and priorities to fall down the pecking order. I know for me, when I encounter a busy season, I have to be intentional about remaining in the word and spending time with Jesus. Far too often the easiest route is to let that stuff fall to the wayside. But it’s so incredibly important to our overall lives and wellbeing. In this blog I’d love to explore some simple practices to remain rooted in the Word when life gets busy.

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Why should you Pray?

Is there a right way to pray? How people pray, when people pray, and why people pray can look quite differently across different cultures, religions, and the course of history. Do prayers actually do anything? Let’s take a deeper look at why we pray and discover the impact our prayers have.

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