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The Key to a Great Marriage

Marriage – This can be such a loaded word. For some of you the word marriage brings about feelings of heartache, regret, anger or maybe even guilt. The word marriage for other people might just be ok. You really don’t have any strong opinions either way. Maybe you’re thinking yep, I’m married, it just is what it is. If we are honest with ourselves we can admit that marriage is hard work. No one stumbles into a great marriage. A good marriage takes sacrifice, time, dedication, and a choice to fight for it. As with anything in life you have to work for it to succeed.

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How to save money during the holidays

It's that time of year when we tend to increase our expenses on buying gifts, throwing holiday parties, buying festive outfits, or all of the above! Before we jump into the holiday excitement let's plan how we will enjoy the season without going into debt after!

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A Case for Community: Five Reasons to Step In and Circle Up

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How can we overcome fear and follow Jesus with boldness and confidence?

Are you afraid to follow Jesus? Does fear keep you from moving forward? Could you be holding back because of the fear of what it will cost you?

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