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It Starts In The Student Section.

Middle and high school students connect with God, each other, and committed leaders while being seen as the individual they are – unique and one of a kind.

Before you behave, before you believe, you belong.

Before you behave, before you believe, you belong.




Journey Students Fall Retreat

Dependent [adj.] - requiring someone or something for financial, emotional, or other support

Today, we are told to be dependent on anything and everything - ourselves, others, our phones, money, opinions - but they all fall short. We will learn what it means to be dependent on Christ alone. Your student does not want to miss it as we celebrate 15 years of Focus!

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One Night

one nights

One Night

One Night | One Student Section | One Location | One Friend | One True God
One night is a place for every middle and high schooler to belong and be challenged to grow their relationship with God and their friends. It’s a place where we come together as one Student Section to worship, hear and be challenged by a message based on scripture, and of course have a great time.

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