Every person on this earth matters to God.

We believe the local church is the hope of the world, and we know God raises up leaders in every community to do the work He’s called them to do. We partner in ministry with pastors and churches across borders to help them connect people to Christ, their community, and their calling.

Upcoming Trips

November Trip

Our November 2023 mission trip is being postponed until 2024, due to a diplomatic crisis between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It is not a safety concern; however, it would minimize our ministry impact. Please email our Missions Director if you are interested in information when the new trip date is determined.

Ministry Partners in Haiti

We believe in building intentonal, long-term relationships with communities around the world. Our church currently supports 24 churches throughout the nation of Haiti. This lets people in our church build life-long friendships and make a consistent impact in these overseas communities. We are currently unable to travel to Haiti, so we’re shipping training materials to the churches: 40 Days devotionals, Children’s Bible School in a box, and encouragement boxes for the Pastors.

Ministry Partners in Haiti

Haiti Pastors