Guest Experience


Help those coming into the Auditorium by welcoming them and leading them to a seat. You play a vital role in creating a distraction free experience so that our guests can hear a life changing message.  


Help make every guest feel at home by providing a warm and welcoming experience. At Journey Church we get excited when someone takes a step to join us for a service and we want to create an atmosphere that lets them know they belong.

Prayer Team

Prayer is valued at Journey Church. Be a part of unleashing the power of prayer as you pray over the movement of God for the service.

Security Team

Help our guests feel safe and secure. Be a part of maintaining a calm and safe environment for every guest that comes to a Journey Church location. 


Help our guests find a spot. Be a part of creating a welcoming experience from the moment our guests pull into the parking lot of a Journey Church location.  

Safety Team

Help provide basic first aid and care if needed for our guests. You aid in facilitating a safe environment for those participating in the weekend experience and stabilize any emergency care situation until more help can arrive.