October 21-22

Jrs- Super Kids

Queen Esther is brave and asks the king to save her people. She could have hid behind the safety of her crown, but she risks everything to save others.

K5- Driven What's Inside Matters Most

Almost every single day, kids will face a moment when they’ll need to think about making some sort of wise choice—from how much effort to give a project at school, to the way they play at soccer practice, to the way they treat peers they may not always get along with. And as easy as some of these choices might seem to us, kids are thinking about lots of variables, like friends and how people might respond to them. We pray that as kids learn about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they’ll realize the importance of doing the right thing . . . and that if they do what’s right, they can even help others see what God is like.

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