December 31-January 1

Jr - Wonderful Workshop

This month, our preschoolers are going to step into their own wonderful workshop as we discover some of the amazing things Jesus did. Everything Jesus did – and the way He did them – showed everyone around Him that He was God’s son, and that means that Jesus is amazing! We begin in this week with the story of 12-year-old Jesus. His parents were frantic when they realized He was missing, but they eventually discovered He had been in the temple the whole time, amazing the grown-ups with how much He knew about God. Jesus is amazing!

K5 - Think Tank

We are kicking off January with the end of the Christmas story. In Matthew 2:1-12, we meet wise men from the east whose lives were dedicated to discovering more about the universe. One night they noticed a bright star that led them on an epic journey to find the King of Kings prophesied in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures. When these men finally found Jesus, they worshipped Him as king. Never stop searching for what’s true. We will never know everything there is to know about God. The world is so big, and God is even bigger! 

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