The Power to Change – Part 4

Watch the Message

1. Can you think of a time when you had such a disagreement with someone that you couldn’t even be in the same room or weren’t even on speaking terms? What was that experience like?

2. Have you ever experienced a time when you were able to work through a severe disagreement and were reconciled with the other person? How did that happen?

3. We learn in Romans 5 that we have Peace and Reconciliation with God through Jesus. But sometimes, we live as if that isn’t the case. What are some of the ramifications if you live your life believing that God is angry with you or out to get you?

3. Read Romans 5:1 & Romans 5:6-11. What do these verses teach us about what Jesus did for us?  

4. Why is it hard for us to accept the truth that God has declared us “Not Guilty” because of the cross of Jesus?

5. Read Romans 5:1-2. Because we have peace with God, this gives us access to God’s kindness and grace. What keeps us from utilizing the access we have to God?

6. Because we have peace with God, this gives us Hope for eternity and for right now. What are some of the things that can steal our hope in life? When we remind ourselves of the truth that we have peace with God, how does that stir up hope in us?

7. Read Romans 5:3-5. What does this passage teach us about how we can view suffering and pain when we know we have peace with God?

8. What are you facing right now in your life that is causing you to lose your joy and hope before God? How can we as a group pray for you and support you?

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