The Power to Change – Part 2

Watch the Message
  1. When we look at the world around us, the brokenness and mess can be shocking and overwhelming. What are some recent examples you have seen that demonstrate that humanity continues to live in darkness and sin?
  2. Read Romans 1:18-20. What does this passage teach about how God has revealed who He is to all people through His creation? In what ways does the world God has made show people who He is? What does it mean that all people are without an excuse?
  3. Read Romans 1:21-25. These verses teach that we exchange the truth of God for a lie. What does this mean? 
  4. What do you typically think of when you hear the word “idolatry?” In what ways do all people fall into idolatry?  
  5. John Calvin said that we are a “perpetual factory of idols.” What are some examples of personal idols in our lives today?
  6. Read Romans 1:24-32. What does this passage teach us about the wrath of God? Why is His wrath revealed against humanity?  
  7. What does it mean that He “handed them over…” to their desires, lusts, and thoughts? When we resort to believing the lie or practicing idolatry, what are the results?
  8. Read Romans 3:21-25. What has God done to make a way for us to experience forgiveness and freedom from our sinful desires? How are forgiveness and freedom received? 
  9. In order to reverse the lie, we must replace the lie with the truth. Name one idol you are tempted to believe will give you life and fulfillment? Which of God’s truths do you need to replace that lie with?
  10. Share with your group the greatest temptation you are facing to pursue an idol. Pray for one another to walk in truth instead of the lie. 

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