Journey Summer 22 – Part 10

Watch the Message

1. Read Mark 8:17-18. What are the questions that Jesus is asking in these verses? You have to read the previous verses to understand why Jesus asked these questions. Why do you think Jesus asked, “Do you have eyes but fail to see?”

2. Read Mark 8:22-26. Jesus could have healed this man with a simple touch, but He chose to heal him through several steps because He wanted to teach us about our need to regain our sight.

3. First, Jesus told the man to take his hand. If we go with Jesus and his voice becomes louder, what will happen to the other voices that plague us?

4. Second, Jesus spits on his eyes. Do you think this came as a surprise to the blind man? How many of you would want to have someone spit in your eyes? When God wants to do a work in your life, it will never look like you expected it. On a scale of 1 to 10, how open are you to allowing God to work in your life any way He wants to?

5. Third, Jesus puts his hands on the man and asked, “Do you see anything?” The man responded by saying that he could see just a little bit, but not all the way. Do you think it would have been hard for the man to say the healing didn’t really work? Why is it so important for us to be honest with God in all things?

6. Fourth, Jesus touched him a second time. When God doesn’t heal you instantly, it may mean that He is trying to teach you dependency. When it’s difficult to be healed, you have to rely on God. If it’s easy for you to fix your problems, who are you trusting in? 

7. Finally, Jesus instructed the man not to go back to the village. Bethsaida is more than just a place, it’s a mindset. It’s the place that messed you up in the first place. If God set you free, why would you want to go back to the old way?

8. Accountability is all about you inviting others to help keep you from going back. How can those in your group help you from going back?

Prayer: “Father God, I've lost sight of hope, I've lost sight of joy. I can't see. All I see is what I don't have. I’ve lost the ability to see what you could do. Jesus, I'm gonna take your hand, lead me wherever you want me to go. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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