Journey Summer 22 – Part 6

Watch the Message

Can you share a time when tried to take control of your life? how did that work out for you?

1. Read Genesis 32:22-30. This story documents a turning point in Jacob's life. What stands out to you in this story?

2. In verse 27, the stranger asked Jacob what his name was. When Jacob told him that it was Jacob (mean deceiver) he was admitting his guilt. If your name described how you lived your life so far what would you think it might be?

3. In verse 28 Jacob was given a new name that reflected how God was working in his life. In your own words, describe what God has done in Jacob's life.

4. Pastor Jadner said that you are 'No longer defined by your past but given a future of promise."  If God was to give you a new name today what would you like it to be?

5. Pastor Jadner also said, "Being broken before God allows you to be blessed by God."  What does it mean to be broken by God?

6. Can you share a time when you were broken by God?

7. In the sermon, we were challenged to cling to Jesus when we are broken, lonely, and tired. Who do you know that is going through a rough time that you can encourage to cling to Jesus?

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