Journey Summer 22 – Part 3

Watch the Message

Everyone is going to face battles; they come in all shapes and sizes. It’s just a part of life. The question is, are you ready to face the battles when they come? This week we are going to look at three insights that God gives us for the specific reason of fighting our battles.

Read 2 Chronicles 20:12. Can you share a time when you were in a battle when things were completely outside of your control and when all you could do was to look to God to carry you through?

Read 2 Chronicles 20:15-17. As a group, discuss what is happening here in these passages. What is God saying specifically about the battle?

Pastor James gave us three insights from the text that allows us to have confidence in every battle that we face.

First: God will make a way for what He commands. Commands often tell us what we are NOT to do. What does God tell us not to do in verse 15 of the text?

  • God never commands what He doesn’t promise to enable. How is God saying we can be without fear or discouragement in the midst of a battle?
  • Every command is actually a promise in reverse: His promise to us is that we never have to be afraid or discouraged because He will take care of us. What is God’s promise in this passage? What is God’s promise to you today?

Second: God promises victory for every battle He is asking you to face. You still have to face the battle. Battles just don’t go away; they have to be conquered. If God promises victory, will He not also provide all that you need to be victorious? What are some of the tools that God provides us to fight the battles?

  • It is said that faith is moving forward in what God is calling you to do. With this in mind, is it okay for you to run from your battles?

Third: God will always be with you. The source of our faith and confidence is that God is with us. Our confidence is not in what we want God to do and how we want God to do it, but in WHO God is. In Him, we have our confidence. What would it take for you to stop focusing on what God can do and focus on knowing who God is?

  • God wants to reveal more than his power; He wants to reveal his PRESENCE. What are some of the ways that Christ-followers spend time in God’s presence?
  • Read Mark 8:17–21. Jesus was saying that He revealed who He was so that they could live with confidence. I am with you, and If I am with you, then I will take care of you. You’re already ready because I am with you! If Jesus is always with us, is there anything else that we need? If Jesus is always with us, what else do we have to do to be ready for the battle?
  • Read John 16:33. What is Jesus telling us? Why is He telling us that?

What would you do if you were confident God was with you in every battle?

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