Bad Vibes • Part 2

Watch the Message

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be an unlimited number of bad choices when you are in a conflict? Every conflict will present you with options. You have an option to deal with conflict in a way that is right or in a way that feels right at the moment. This week, we will see what the Word teaches us about dealing with conflict the right way.

Have everyone in the group raise their hand who has made a bad decision during a conflict.

The story we will look into comes from 1 Samuel 24. Have someone read 1 Samuel 24:1-15.

1. Every bad vibe comes with bad options that can escalate the conflict. What do you do in a conflict to avoid choosing the wrong option? What’s wrong with just letting the other person have it?

2. Read 1 Samuel 24:4. You will always find people to support you in making destructive decisions. What were David’s men encouraging him to do in this verse? Why is it so easy for people to justify their bad choices?

3. Read 1 Samuel 24:6. David realized that he had no right to replace what God had put into place. What could have been the consequences for David if he killed Saul at that moment?

4. Read 1 Samuel 24:6 again. Honor the person as you address the issue. How does honoring the person honor God?

5. Pastor James gave us three steps to deal with conflict in a God-honoring way:

  • Pause to think about what’s at stake.
  • Honor the person as you address the issue.
  • Trust God to care for what you want to take care of.

What practical steps can you come up with to help you consider these when you enter into a conflict?

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