Bad Vibes • Part 1

Watch the Message

The most successful relationships have one thing in common: the willingness and ability to work through conflict together. It’s astounding how many break-ups and blowouts could be avoided if people learned one thing … how to handle CONFLICT. You will experience conflict in life, but how you deal with it will determine your experience.

1. A lot of conflicts begin over the craziest things. What is the silliest argument that you’ve ever been a part of?

2. Some conflicts are quick and over in a moment; others can last a lifetime. Just because two people disagree or have bad vibes doesn’t necessarily mean the conflict is detrimental. What matters is your response to the situation. When conflict shows up in your life, how do you typically respond?

3. Read James 4:1-2. How have you seen inner desires cause conflict in your relationships?

4. Can you share about an unresolved conflict that you are dealing with in your life right now?

5. Are there issues you have neglected or hidden in your heart?

6. Pastor James shared that the conflict within you will keep coming out of you no matter who is with you. Why is it so important to acknowledge your part in the conflict? 

7. Read James 4:10, "Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up." What does it look like for someone to humble themselves before the Lord?

8. Why is it so difficult for us to admit our wrongs in conflict?

9. Think of the last few conflicts you’ve had. What or who is the common denominator in those conflicts?

10. Pastor James gave three steps to start dealing with the conflict in you:

        I. Address what is in you, not just who is with you.

        II. Acknowledge your part.

        III. Get honest with God.

Which one of these steps is the hardest for you to apply to a current conflict? 

11. Have you ever gotten honest with God about the conflicts you’ve been in? What have you asked God for?

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