Easter at Journey Church 2022

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Faith is a journey of trusting and connecting with Jesus Christ. Through connecting with Christ, you find healing and discover peace through knowing God. Knowing God is all about a relationship that comes through connecting with Jesus Christ. This week we are going to talk about how Thomas got to the point where he could say, “My Lord and my God!”

Sometimes faith is hard and what makes it so hard is that we struggle to really trust when things do not go as we expected. Can you share a time when you struggled in your faith because things did not go the way you expected?

The first half of John 20:19 tells us that the disciples “locked themselves in” because of fear. In the absence of answers, it’s easy for fear to “lock us in.” Our faith deteriorates because our expectations were not met. Their wounds began to direct their life. Their hurt became a prison that locked them in. Can you relate to how fear can lock people in darkness? If so, how?

Read John 20:19–20. Notice how the disciples went from being “locked in” with fear to being overjoyed. What happened here? What made the difference for the disciples?

Read John 20:28. The scars tell a story that allows us to live in faith, even when we are doubting, even when we are hurting, even when we are struggling. What was it about the scars that produced this change in Thomas?

God can use people the most who are willing to be honest about where they truly are and are willing to admit that every day doesn't feel like Easter in your heart. "Stop doubting and believe." Do you have enough faith to face the scars from that moment that caused you to doubt your faith?

The scars mean that Jesus is stronger than everything that tried to destroy Him. Everything in heaven will be perfect. The only reminder we will have of our fallen world will be the scars that Jesus bears. Why do suppose we need a reminder of what Jesus did for us on the cross?

Read John 20:27. Thomas had to go and put his hand on the very place where he thought Jesus was weak. Are you willing to do what Thomas did? Are you willing to receive him as your Lord and your God? Are you willing to trust Him with your wounds because His scars reveal the power to heal you, save you, and redeem you?

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