What Can't Jesus Do?

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All of us face issues and brokenness and darkness. Often, we find ourselves saying “there’s nothing Jesus can do in this situation” What is that for you? An addiction? A temptation? A stronghold in your life? A generational pattern? A relationship? Your marriage? What hope is there for us when we face something that no one can fix? This week we will be talking about how Jesus can deliver you

1. Read Mark 5: 8-9. When Jesus asks a question, it’s never for information, it’s always for revelation. What is Jesus trying to get the man to confess

2. Read Mark 5:19. In Jesus, we see Infinite power connected with infinite mercy. That is the heartbeat of Jesus. This is the essence of who Jesus really is.

  • How would the story had been different if Jesus had infinite power but not infinite mercy?
  • How would the story had been different if Jesus had infinite mercy but not infinite power?
  • How much does it mean to you that Jesus has infinite power and mercy?

3. Read Mark 5: 17. The townspeople saw the power of God and they were afraid. People fear that if they trust God with the power that He will use the power to destroy them. If you don’t follow God’s plan whose plan are you following? (Hint: there are only 2 options)

4. Why do you think the enemy would work so hard to get you to trust in your plan, rather than God’s plan?

5. Do you trust Jesus enough to stay in the middle of the situation he’s called you to stay in so that He can show you the glory of his goodness and his love? 

  • Do you have enough faith to go back and continue to do what God has told you to do because you believe He’s working all things out for your good because he is merciful and good? 
  • What are you trying to flee from that Jesus wants you to overcome through his love?

6. In this story, Jesus did what nobody thought could be done. Is there anything that Jesus can’t do?

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