Focus 2022

Additional Information

What is Focus? 

Focus is a student retreat that has been put on by Journey Church for 15 years now that allows our students to get away from the day-to-day distractions and commitments of their lives to focus on Christ. The weekend if full of fun games, incredible worship and intentional teachings. 

When is Focus? 

September 23-25, 2023 

How much is Focus and how do I pay? 


You will pay when you complete the Focus Registration. If you need any help, check this how-to. Do not let money be the reason your student does not attend focus; if you need help click here and let us know.  Need help with registrations? Click Here

What are we studying? 

We will be studying what it truly means to be dependent on Christ as we study the book of Daniel. 

What will my student need to bring? 

A Parent Resource Guide will be sent to you and posted here a few weeks before Focus. 

Registration Close?

Registration will close at 12:00 pm on Thursday, August 18.

Steps to Compete Registration 

  1. Click on the registration button and complete the form and payment.
  2. Complete the Medical Release Form for 2022-23.
  3. Download the Parent Resource Package – Will be available a few weeks before Focus.

Other Questions and Information

Leader or want to serve at Focus? Click Here 

Do you need your student sponsored to go to Focus? Click Here  

Need help with registration or paying? Click here